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up to 100 members
all the features
with small limitations
FREE / forever up to 10 gigs
up to 3 set lists and 50 files
one-way iCal syncing


up to 5 members
for solo artists, DJ-s
and small groups
/ month
unlimited gigs
unlimited repertoire
unlimited files
2-way iCal syncing
Dropbox integration
full customization
advanced reporting


up to 10 members
for bands, dance groups
and medium-sized groups
/ month


up to 100 members
for orchestras, circuses
and other large groups
/ month

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You only pay per group, so one fee covers all the members in a group.
If you are a member of more than one group, you can use a PRO plan with one of them and keep using the FREE plan with the others.
If your agency has a roster of 10 artists, you only pay for the artists (based on the number of members) that need the advanced features. This way you can always start with the FREE plan for new artists and upgrade once they become successful.